virtual join of schematic nets possible ?

Discussion created by baenisch on May 26, 2010
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Hi all


I have a question regarding the virtual joining of schematic nets. In my current project we're using two different

gnd levels, gnd and bulkN. Both nets are joint a few hierarchies higher and sometimes also somewhere in between

Therefore we can't get Calibre to keep both nets separeted in the lower levels, we always get shorts via substrate,

which is technically ok of course.


Is there a possibility, like joinNets in Assura, to virtually merge nets in the schematic netlist for LVS only, which

would allow us to merge gnd and bulkN everywhere we need it ? The normal join option seems to work for layout

networks only.  I also checked the manual, but I could find anything


We could of course simply get rid of the seperation in our schematics, but this would be quite some work ...

The other solution would be that the foundry would provide something like a markup layer so that Calibre could

identify different substrate areas. Unfortunatly the foundry has not been a big support so far ...


Some pointers would be appreciated


Best Regards