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    Paste layer - paste in hole CAM output


      How can I define a thru hole component with a paste in hole requirement.  So far I have added an additional layer to the decal (layer 104) with with same dimentsions as the other layers.  Did not work.

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          I created a special 'Paste-Via', simply by adding a Padstack on the paste layer.

          Then, in CAM you also select that paste layer.


          Mentor fixed this  circa v2007, so that IF you define a custom pad on a Paste/Mask layer,

          then the SW replaces the artwork layer derivation, with the specific one.

          (ie it is smart enough to figure out if a designer took the trouble to create a specific

          paste/mask instance, they probably want PADS to use that instance! )


          That now allows ANY size/shape of paste to be easily late-changed on a design.

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            If you have the paste layer define for all your decals that need paste, you can get PADS to output paste on PTH pins if you can change the CAM Document from "Paste Mask" to "Custom". Then you only output "Pads" on the paste layer, not the top.