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    Migration Wizard


      Hi, every one!


      My name is Kleber and I work with Mentor Graphics since it was the old VeriBest 98 (integrated with the Micro Station).

      As every people in the world, I have some "creatures" that I have to face at the work. This time  I am fighting against the migration wizard on Mentor 2004.


      One of our old projects have to be changed, and for my luck it was last implemented in VeriBest 98. The good old VB98 based on Windows NT...


      The fact is: I don't have a Windows NT workstation any more, and I couldn't be able to set up any machine with NT.

      So I don't have a functional VeriBest 98 for making the changes and even worst... The migration wizard goes wrong...


      Does anybody know if the VB 98 works in Windows 2000 or Windows XP platform?

      Or, anyone knows how to migrate a project from VB98 to VB2004? Does it have any trick?


      Thanks for any answer.


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          I have just the same problem and made a service request (SR2359180174).

          I´d sent a zip-file from design and wait for an answer, two days ago.

          I think there are more then one conversions/migrations necessary as there were

          some fundamental changes in databases since 1996.

          Mentor should know it, we are shurely not the only ones.

          I´ll try to tell you when I get answeres.

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            You might want to to translate into VB2002 and then move on to VB2004.  As you know the database should be in VB2004 before moving into a new revision.


            Microstaion will run under Windows XP and I don't remember having to tell the OS to run it in NT mode.  VB98 was written in MicroCSL, one of the Microstation programming languages, and may run.  Did you remember to run Linknet so that so that VB98 would talk to Microstation?


            You seem to have the ASCII out hkp files already.  Open the Padstack.hkp and see if there is an entry for the PAD Round 40, Hole Rnd 5.  If not add one to the Padstack file.  PAD Round 40, Hole Rnd 5 doesn't sound correct to me but what ever.


            Open the Cell.hkp file and do a FIND on reference designers.  Check to see if any cell has two of the same kind. Fix it if you find any.


            The errors are from processing the Layout.hkp files.  You could replace the PAD Round 40, Hole Rnd 5 padstack names in lines 28, 46 and 64 with a good padstack that is already in the Padstack.hkp file.  You could also go after the ref des error on line 35636.


            Open a new, empty VB2004 database.  Go to File | Import | ASCII and browse to the directory that holds the corrected ASCII files and do the importation.


            Have fun


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              Hey guys I am still running VB98. If anybody needs changes done just let me know. Or if you need old VB98 designs moved up to Expedition I can do this as well.