Writing PlotSetup.gpf

Discussion created by patrick.cashman on Jun 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2010 by patrick.cashman

I am working on a script to write the PlotSetup.gpf file in the Config directory.  The objective is to read information from the design to determine how to set up the Gerber output without the user having to select everything manually.


The problem is that when I write the file out, then do Output>Gerber in Expedition, the file is not read properly and nothing appears.  I suppose that I am doing something wrong with the formatting of the text, linebreaks, or something similar.  I've compared files written by Expedition to those written by my script, and so far I can't find anything that would cause a problem.  I've verified that the layer order in the gpf file doesn't matter, as I am writing out all conductive layers in order and then the outer layers (SM, SS, SP).


Does anyone have any experience with writing these files and know something special they need in order to be read correctly?