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      Hello all,


      I hope this question isn't too open ended.


      I would like to hear some recommendations on labels. In our work we generally see two types of labels. The first type is a "connector" label. It gets placed on the wire bundle near a connector and displays the connector's id, i.e. J1 or P2 etc.. The second type is a "harness" label and indicates the customer's harness part number. How would you recommend handling these two situations on the harness drawing?


      I was thinking of creating a generic new label component in the component library. The type would be OTHER. I would select the Include on BOM option. I might then associate supplier information. But the supplier information may not be nessary, I would then go and create a comment symbol for the label.


      So the question then becomes how do I specify the text for the label? It would be nice if the "connector" label could inherit it's text from it's associated connector. Similarly it would be nice if the "harness" label could inherit it's text from the harness drawing part number.


      I looked back at the tutorials and didn't see anything. I've looked at the labels in the standard component library but's not clear how to assign text manually or automatically. My search of the discussion threads hasn't turned up anything.


      Thanks everybody!



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          We have created a "Harness Manufacturing Standards' document to cover these types of items. We have the connector number written directly on the connector, so in the document we make a requirement that it should be done with permanent maker. I would think, that you might be able to do the same with the labels and in the document have what information should be on each label and it's location in relation to the connector. The same could be done for the harness label, although placement may be diffuclt unless maybe yopu start with the first numbered connector. Hope this helps.