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    Diagram Scaling Problem


      I have a design with multiple diagrams, lets call them diagram 1, diagram 2, etc.  I drag a symbol on the first diagram and it is correct.  I drag a symbol on subsequent sheets and it comes out about 1/4 scale.  The border called out is the same for all sheets.  I have checked project preferences for the scale and all seems correct.  Does anybody have any ideas?

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          Hi SKing


          Judging by the symptom you described, I think this is a case of diagrams with different pin grids.


          Let me just make sure I have all the right infromation:

          - this is an electrical symbol

          - by drag you mean double clicking for placement on the diagram

          - these diagrams were already existing in the design and NOT newly created


          If this is all true, then I think your diagrams have different scale. The thing about pin grid scale is that it applies to new diagrams and does not affect existing ones (so that your existing diagrams do not get changed without you knowing it). It might be that there was one diagram and then the scale was changed and then a second one created - this would simulate the scenario I described.


          The solution to this is to create a new diagram with the same scale as the old one (or just have two diagrams newly created and copy things across to them). That should have two identical diagrams and you should no longer experience the problem you described.




          P.S. When pasting, remember to hit CTRL+SHIFT+V instead of CTRL+V. This guarantees objects get the same name instead of new names.