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    Hyperlynx 8.0 on Windows 7


      Anybody managed to get Hyperlynx to run ADMS simulations on Windows 7 ? IBIS based simulations (i.e with no SPICE elements) run in the native Hyperlynx solver but ADMS stops with General Error: Error: (eldo -212). The "design" consists of only an IBIS TX, an s-parameter block and a IBIS RX. This set-up had run sucessfully in Windows XP.


      I have tried in a Windows XP virtual machine but there is a different failure.


      I know Windows 7 isn't an officailly supported configuration.






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          We have seen similar results on Windows 7 with HyperLynx 8.0. The good news is that HyperLynx 8.1 will run on Windows 7 and will even have a 64-bit version to take advantage of more RAM in your computer. I'll have to check how ADMS works with HyperLynx in that situation, but it is supposed to work. 8.1 should be released pretty soon.