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Glued mounting holes vanish after inputing ECO file.

Question asked by steve3 on Jun 8, 2010
Latest reply on May 3, 2011 by cliffh
I came across a unusual series of events today while revising a earlier designed PCB and Schematic diagram.
Here are the steps to the problem that I had with the PCB design using version 9.01.
1. I had to add some mounting holes to the PCB design and add a small amount of circuitry to the Schematic Diagram.
2. After adding the mounting holes into the PCB database, I glued them in place to prevent moving them later on.
3. Everything looked fine until I ran the ECO from within Logic.
4. Running the ECO deleted the mounting hole "parts".
Just for fun, I started with a new PCB design file and placed and glued the mounting hole to the proper locations.
I then sent the netlist to PADS from within Logic and all looked normal. The mounting holes were not moved or deleted.
I have a new design that has several parts that will need to be located and glued into place ... maybe 100 parts or so.
I sure don't want to loose their placement if there is a revision to the Schematic Diagram during the design cycle.
I know, I should create logic hardware items such as spacers and threaded inserts but I guess I haven't had this problem
occur in the past so I didn't spend the time to go through the process.
Any ideas ?
Thanks all,