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    Glued mounting holes vanish after inputing ECO file.

      I came across a unusual series of events today while revising a earlier designed PCB and Schematic diagram.
      Here are the steps to the problem that I had with the PCB design using version 9.01.
      1. I had to add some mounting holes to the PCB design and add a small amount of circuitry to the Schematic Diagram.
      2. After adding the mounting holes into the PCB database, I glued them in place to prevent moving them later on.
      3. Everything looked fine until I ran the ECO from within Logic.
      4. Running the ECO deleted the mounting hole "parts".
      Just for fun, I started with a new PCB design file and placed and glued the mounting hole to the proper locations.
      I then sent the netlist to PADS from within Logic and all looked normal. The mounting holes were not moved or deleted.
      I have a new design that has several parts that will need to be located and glued into place ... maybe 100 parts or so.
      I sure don't want to loose their placement if there is a revision to the Schematic Diagram during the design cycle.
      I know, I should create logic hardware items such as spacers and threaded inserts but I guess I haven't had this problem
      occur in the past so I didn't spend the time to go through the process.
      Any ideas ?
      Thanks all,
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          ECO has a number of choices, and it is not clear at first glance how they differ.


          Netlist export is ADDITIVE, it will never delete anything, and will generate 'mixing nets' error

          messages, if there are conflicts. So you get warnings, but no database fix.


          ECO connect is a 'bigger hammer', it WILL syncronise the designs, and if that means

          DELETE of parts, or connections, then it will do that.


          There are a couple of choices to get it to 'do what you want'


          a) Add the parts into the SCH, often down one corner.

             Things like mounting holes can be a useful BOM tag, for a Case, for example.


          b) Make the part non-eco registered. Under File.Library.Parts, untick [ECO Registered Part]



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            Another option is to edit the .ECO file before you import it into PADS.


            You will see an entry like this:



            X1  LITTLE_HOLE

            X2  LITTLE_HOLE


            Delete these entries and then your holes will not be deleted when you import the .ECO file.