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    DxDesigner Error Messages


      I just installed Pads9.1.  When I open DxDesigner I get a few error messages.

      1. Could not find file 'exped_wvo.vbs' in Primary Project Directory or in WDIR path.
      2. Unable to locate vdbindings.vbs. Please verify your WDIR environment variable.

      If I then try to start a new project there are no default templates to choose from.  I used the default paths for the installation, so I'm not sure what the problem could be.

      Could anybody offer some places for me to start looking for the source on my error?  I'm new to this software, so I really don't have any ideas where to begin.


      Thank You,


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          Our on-call support team should be able to get you running quickly.  Reach them at http://supportnet.mentor.com/


          It sounds like the install routine failed to run the configurator correctly, you could try rerunning this.  Start > All Programs > Mentor Graphics SDD > The MGC SDD Configurator


          To analyze environment variables, I open a command window and type:

              set >set.txt

          This produces a set.txt file with the environment variables that is much easier to review in a text file viewer.  This information should also be useful to the support engineer.


          There should be an environment varible WDIR and if you used the defaults it should look like this:

             WDIR=C:\PADS Projects\;C:\MentorGraphics\9.1PADS\SDD_HOME\standard


          Templates are installed in a template folder under these directories, templates you design in C:\PADS Projects and templates Mentor supplies in ...SDD_HOME\standard.  The Expedition templates are not enabled with a PADS license, so you may not see all supplied templates, but you should have seen a list of 4, default, HLA library, HLA Eldo Library and PADS template.


          The other error messages may also be related to corrupt or missing WDIR path.

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            For some additional information on design templates (DxDesigner) see the following discussion http://communities.mentor.com/message/10331#10331


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              It seems as though when I installed the software that it set the WDIR to C:\epd\3.0\standard\.  Is there a way to change this after the install?

              I tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling making sure to set the WDIR to C:\PADS Projects, but the install forced the WDIR to C:\epd\3.0\standard\.

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                The WDIR is set as an environmental variable, it can be reset using Control Panel - System - Advanced - Environmental Variables, add the 'C:\PADS Projects' to the front of the existing variable or change the path completely if your installation is somewhere else.

                If you get stuck talk to your IT Administrator or call Mentor Customer Support.

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                  Thank you.  I manually added C:\PADS Projects and C:\MentorGraphics\9.1PADS\SDD_HOME\standard to the WDIR and that seems to have solved my problems.  Hopefully I won't have any additionally problems.