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    Drawing Editor


      Can any one help how to get the drawing editor wizard through script I have written the code but it is not working below is my code 


      Option Explicit
      On Error Resume Next
      Dim pcbApp


      Set pcbApp = GetObject(, "MGCPCB.DrawingEditorWizardApplication")

      If (pcbApp Is Nothing) Then

      Set pcbApp = CreateObject(,"MGCPCB.DrawingEditorWizardApplication")

      End If


      Is this correct code? I am beginner just trying to Lear. Kindly help me. Thanks in advance

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          According to the development manager you can access the Drawing Editor but you cannot get to the Drawing Editor Wizard. There will be a Drawing Wizard addin coming which will be accessible through the MGCPCB interface but it has not yet been scheduled for any release.


          So long story short, there is no Drawing Editor Wiizard available today thru Automation.


          Regards, Ed


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            Thanks Smith. My whole idea of making this script is, when I run the script it should take the template file and need to store in working directory, and then it should place the board or panel in the sheet and make the only drill layer visible.

            one more doubt can we place the Bill of material in the drawing editor as a text format. is it possible? what I mean to say is it need to extract the BOM from pcb or from schematic. And need to place in the sheet in the form of text file please can you provide me suggestion how to go about this so that I can write the code. 

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              AATK has a Drawing Editor Directory that you can look through and find examples of different whacky things you can do in the tool.

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                Thanks Hiles

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                  Regarding the BOM: You can use scripting to read the contents of a BOM file into a single text string and then insert the string into the drawing editor using Automation (using something like the PutUserLayerText method on the document object). The occurance of each vbLf character in the string will insert a newline character into the display of the string in your drawing. You can either create the BOM file in DxD or in ExpeditonPCB.


                  Regards, Ed