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    New to VeSys and harnesses


      I've managed to recreate one of our harnesses in VeSys, however I have two single wires that are not part of a bundle that end in a terminal.  How do I show this in harness design???  Sorry of the simple version, trying to learn.

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          No problem every has to learn, even I did


          Technically a 'Bundle' in VeSys Harness is a path for wire or wires to take so you will need to place a bundle for that 1 wire to route through, on the drawing it won't look too different from any other bundle so I would use the 'Continuous' Linetype to represent it as a single wire.


          To show a terminal you still need to place a connector table but instead of adding a connector part number you assign the terminal part number, VeSys will still do all of the wire size checks, etc.


          You haven't mentioned this but quite often when users want to show a single wire that is terminated it is because it loops out of an existing connector let me know if this is what you are trying to do as there is a way of showing that on the drawing.