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Library Manager Update process crash

Question asked by MaBUa on Jun 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2010 by strangd

Hello all,

I try to describe here some of my problem with Library Manager... It is strange and finish by crash.


I have a central library created in EE2007.5 (Dxd) and need to update into EE2007.9 (I have GBS Id 13996)

I open lmc file in a Library Manager 2007.9 and it starts to re-populate....

- it starts by parts .. it is ok

- then goes through symbol and there it crashed.


Before this the converter (updater..?? don't know how to call it) tells me that I have one symbol used in 2 parts (it was true) and that I mapped it in each part differently.. it was not true.

So I decided to delete this symbol and part.. that I create it after update manually again.


So, now I'm not able to finish the update process -> can't use it in a new version EE2007.9 (solve it Id 14357 ??)


Can somebody help me?


Many thanks in advance