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I would like to help more this discussion up a level and start a thread dedicated to solutions. Use the other threads to debate the issue. This thread is for examples so we can all learn together.  I'm new to the library scripts and I need scripts for inclusion in AATK.  If you use and appriciate AATK it's your turn to help, that is why it is called Communities.


Joe has stated:

We believe it is important to highlight, that the ASCII Import and Export have not been disabled in EE7.9. This might be misleading. No work is gone, no workarounds have been removed.

We have introduced new licenses for Decryptor and Encryptor, which we will of course provide to customers, who require any of these licenses in their process.

Our engineering team is very responsive. We have reviewed an approved a number of requests for licenses already as they have been submitted to


So take advantage of this. If you use ASCII today and want to continue in 7.9, help SDD by telling them why and how you are using it.  They are trying to sort though these use cases and provide users solutions native to the tool before HKP gets turned off.  This should take care of the casual user and give you the ability to do the things you did in a simple ASCII export/import and some of the moderate and harder user cases as well. As I said above don't debate it here, go to one of the other threads and ask Joe Krolla the Business Marketing Manager.


I am a solutions guy and probally will come up against something that is very specific to an specific customer or problem.  To figure out solutions we need examples so, if you have examples of HKP replacement code you have written post them here.  In attempt to share data dealing with libraries and parts, I don't want you to hork up your production library when testing code so I have added a sample Central Library to AATK.  It is not on yet so I zipped it and included it here. Unzip this in the root of your %AATK% directory.   When you write your code for inclusion here, you can use one of the following so everybody is on the same page:  If you use another platform or language, I can appriciate that, just do a similar thing in your code.  If you run into bugs while writing thes HKP replacement scripts, post the script and the problem you are having and we can work through this together as a community.


VBscript or IDE form based

         Dim aatk_env, aatk_cl
          aatk_env = Scripting.GetEnvVariable("AATK")
          aatk_cl = aatk_env & "\AATK_Central_Lib\AATK_Central_Lib.lmc"


VB6 (What I use for development)

         Dim aatk_env, aatk_cl

          aatk_env = Environ("AATK")

          aatk_cl = aatk_env & "\AATK_Central_Lib\AATK_Central_Lib.lmc"


When submitting a script please include the following:

  1. General purpose of the script
  2. What is the native language/platform it is written it
  3. How to invoke it
  4. Does it use AATK_Central_Lib  or is it specific to your flow.
  5. Since we can't post .vbs you must zip it or change it's name to .txt, if so what is the real name of the script.


Please do not post your companies libs or anything that may be considered confidential.