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    How to create decal in pads layout


      Hi, I am new to pads layout so I want to know how to create decal in pads layout from the scratch.


      I have two components and I want to create decals that satisfy the requirements.



      Reference: Q1

      Device: IRFD310

      Description: 400V HEXFET

      Manufacture: IR

      Mfg PN: IRFD310PBF-ND

      Vendor: DigiKey

      Vendor PN: IRFD310PBF-ND



      Reference: J1

      Description: PC Mtg. Connector

      Manufacture: CONNEX

      Mfg PN: 142134-75

      Vendor: DigiKey

      Vendor PN: ACX1311-ND


      Step by step instructions are going to be really helpful.


      Thank you very much.