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LVS unattached labels

Question asked by eng.marwa_ahmed on Jun 29, 2010
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i'm in an asic project

the layout is generated by cadence - first encounter

there are metal layers and text layer generated , example :

layer metal1 31

layer text1 131

and layer text1 is the metal layer associated to metal1 layer

in the rule file i wrote the following :

connect metal1 metal2 by via1

text layer text1

attach text1 metal1


but in the calibre -LVS the following error is in :

attached label "label_name" in layer 131 etc......

same error for all text labels in the layout

then calibre lvs doesn't extract any netlist !!!!


i checked in the layout viewer DESIGNrev and i found that the text labels of layer 131 are situated correctly on polygons of layer 31


what can i do to perform LVS ?


thx for help