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How to extract cell names , inc. those which are not connected in design

Question asked by Head1 on Jul 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2010 by yu.yanfeng

Hello Everybody,

  Creating a list of cells, which appear in a design ( Expedition) is simple:

   Dim All_cells  ' Collection of all cells in design
    Dim Curr_cell  ' Current cell


          Set All_cells = My_Board.Cells

          For Each Curr_cell In All_cells
             If Curr_cell.Celltype = 4 Then Print #1, Curr_cell.Name   ' Write cell name into a file
     So, what is the problem?
     The list of cells I get here, is ONLY for cells which take part in design with  connection(s).
     If a cell is present in design but has no connection
        ( in what is called " netlist" in Boardstation )

      So, can anybody give me an advice how to collect ALL cell names,
      Including cells which do not have connectios, but still appear in database.


     I guess,  the loop must be in cell editor, and not in design.

     But, how to do it , I do not know, but will be glad to learn.


        Thanks in advance,