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      Is somebody using the last release EE2007.9?

      I meet some problems during opening tools:

      DxDdesigner takes 2'45" to open

      Expedition takes 2'30" to open

      CES from Expedition takes 2'10"...


      I installed the new release on a standalone computer.

      All configuration files are stored on this computer
      The license file is on this computer.

      Please, don't tell me that the tool takes this time to read the license file!!!


      Thank's for your answer



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          I use Expeditionpcb  2007.7 Update 4 and EE 7.9.   I don't see  difference of invoking tools between 2007.7 and 7.9, alos I don't see difference of loading design between 2007.7 and 7.9. The tool's invoking is very fast, normanlly taking 5-10 senconds, but  loading design takes more times veried on design contents and memory and CPU, 2 minutes or more are normal to comlex design.


          BTW, I saw tool invoking take minutes on some of machines where an illegral license used.



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            Hi Yanfeng,


            For your information the license file was delivred by mentor, ok!!!

            You tell me that 2mn or more are normal with complex designs!!!

            It's just amazing!!!

            I'm a Senior PCB Designer and I worked with the 2005 flow within DC, Expedition PCB.

            I never meet problems like that with this previous version even with complex designs.


            Actually, I have to evaluate the new release.

            In my design test I put only a FPGA, a connector and two resistors.

            May be 30 nets...

            It's just unaccepable to wait 2'45" untill tool open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right!!!


            I opened a service request about that, but I've got no response untill now.



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              Hello Joseph,


              there is some clarification needed by the times you mentioned.

              Is the 2 or more minutes to tool open the time for license checkout and splas screen or

              are the times you have written masured from clicking on the icon in dasboard up to "tool ready, design loaded" and

              you can start to work.


              Also have you a RSCM running?

              Is there a dedicated iCDB netserver running?

              Have you mesured the time from clicking up to license check out?


              Its a little bit hard to give you a hint for the root cause otherwise.


              By the way, Yanfengs times seems to be OK for Expedition.




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                Hi Joseph,


                It's not a secret that Expeditionpcb take longer loading time for design than Allegro.  If design have 50K pins and 15K nets, and have 4-6 hundreds plane shapes, the loading time definitely reach up to 2 minutes on a normal desktop with 2GHz CPU and 2G Memory. On some of cases, Expeditioncpb get crashed due to the limit of memory footprint.  I heard a EE 7.9 report this version take more loading time than previous version, but I think it's not true or relate to specific



                Software confilicts may make applicaiton's invoking strange slower. I suggest you validate this symptom on another pc.



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                  Hello Andreas,


                  In fact, the 2'45" are the necessary time to open the tool from cliking on the icon.

                  I installed the tool on a stand alone machine on witch we have the project and the RCSM.

                  The service is running.

                  So, we have the same host for the project and the RSCM.


                  Do you know process Explorer?


                  During opening tool we see this process flag in red: \Device\afd and \Device\tcp


                  May be there is a problem on the product installation?





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                    Hello Joseph,


                    before reinstalling please doublecheck the license server.

                    Measure the time from clicking on the icon up to the message in the license server checkout.

                    Also you can mesure the time up to the splash screen / license call appears.





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                      I would check the following (as we have had this problem as well a few times) you say that you are using a standalone license that is running on the computer, I would check that in the enviroment variable "LM_LICENSE_FILE" and make the first entry the location of the license file, if it is a standalone licnese then it should be on the C drive, if it is a floating license then put the server port number and name first, this should help the license check out speed and help the program load faster, if it is currently at the end on the line then it has to check all the licenses before getting to the required license.


                      Hope that this helps


                      Andy M

                      L3 Communications TRL Technology Ltd


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                        Well, license file can be on any drive, there is no limitation on that

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                          Licenses can be an issue, I have encountered that in the past,

                          especially when the license setup is in the form number@host;number@host2


                          If the server host is not responding or has no license server running, the software

                          waits for the call to timeout, which can have effect on application startup time.


                          This may not be your problem, but it is a good idea to check your MGLS_LICENSE_FILE variable

                          and also check if you have LM_LICENSE_FILE defined possibly leftover from an older installation

                          or from different software.


                          I just timed startup myself for EE7.9

                          DxDesigner 15-20 seconds

                          Expedition   20-25 seconds


                          This is what I expect to see, I would like to have it start faster, but I can live with this.

                          Of course this also depends on the used hardware/memory and load of the machine



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                            Hi Joseph,

                            I´ve set in previouse releases the environment variable MGC_DISABLE_PRESPLASH_CHECKS=true  to improve the startup time of Expedition and it worked.

                            Maybe you can try to set this variable to see if it improves the startup time.


                            René Linssen