HyperLynx DDRx Batch Simulation

Discussion created by toberrau on Jul 9, 2010
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I have a problem with my DDRx Batch simulation.

My board has an PPC405 as DDR2 Controler and 2 Micron 1Gbit DDR2 400 Memories. I have also an 3. DDR2 for ECC on the ECC Port of the PPC405.

The simulation works fine, but in the results DDR_report_data_allcases_Typ.xls is in every write cycle in the comment:


"Multi-threshold for the strobe net is found!!! Calculation of setup/hold time is cancelled for this net!"


But the DDR_audit{Design1}.xls i get a pass in every signal.


Have someone an idea?


Nice weekend,



(on the attached file, the red one is the signal on the DDR2 Memory. The yellow one on the PPC405)