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    library manager licensing issue


      Each design tool embeds a partial library manager capability.

      We have about 50 licenses for design entry, planner and PCB.

      Opening a pdb editor from within the tool does not require an additional license.

      We also have 3 library manager licenses for the librarian, checker and system managers.

      Opening a pdb editor dialog with automation consumes a libmanager license which it should not.

      One of our automation programs is ran by the engineers for creating parts with their definition of swap ability.

      The pdb editor should be (also when opened by automation) license free or provide licenses as many as design tools.

      This was not an issue when we have done the same thing with hkp.

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          I came across the same issue and I agree with your statements

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            Hi Lary,


            am I right, that you are not talking about the local library?

            Are you talking about the central library here or doesn't this matter?


            Is your call from outside expedition or from inside a running instance?

            May be when running from within Expedition it does not use a license?


            You should try to clarify this, so we can go to Mentor with a very detailed requirement.


            Kind regards,


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              Hi Andreas,


              I am talking about the ** central library **.


              Our programs run from outside any Mentor program.


              At this point we have two types of library automation programs.

              One does unattended library maintenance, moving obsolete parts, updating properties from external sources etc.

              Second program builds new parts in the library based on external data.


              I hope that I answered your questions.




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                Hello Lary,


                the problem when You use automation is, you are really opening the library itself.

                In our case, it does not matter, because only librarians use the tools and do not ned any additional licenses this way.


                I agree there should be a way of not consuming licenses, especially for data extraction.




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                  Today we ve running one external script (using CellDB2HKP.exe and so on)  to extract Library information by repeatedly querying the CentralLibrary. Extracted details are from Parts ( Number, Name, Modified,.....) and Cells ( PACKAGE_CELL, PACKAGE_GROUP, Cell created,......).  We are using the editor specific (DxDesigner, Expedition) library entries and dont have any explicit librarymanager license.


                  Now, we ve tried to handle the library parameterflow with automation instead of using hkp. For this we ve tried an example script "CLDump.vbs" written by Mike Walsh. http://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-2335  But the script returns with a licensing note "No license was found for feature wglibman….".


                  Does it mean that an explicit libraymanager license is be needed to make automation work? Is there any statement from Mentor out there?




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                    Hello Andreas,


                    you are right, there is a library manager license needed.

                    Same as you run automation in expedition.

                    I do not know any Mentor statements about this.