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Dxdesigner(EE2007.X)<--->Hyperlynx SI(Linesim/Boardsim), how to ?

Question asked by Alpha on Jul 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2010 by Steve_McKinney

Hello dear community members,


I have many Questions about the Interaction between Dxdesigner and Hyperlynx SI.
It will be very helpfull if some of you could give some recommendations:




1- Which Dx-Designer properties are important for the Signal Integrity Simulation with LineSim ?


2- What is the best way to manage the Simulation properties(models) :
    - Do i have to store them:

      a)  In Central Library ?
      b)  on Parts ?
      C)  or load them from a Database using Dxdabatook ?


     Why ?


3- From Expedition PCB to Boardsim, are the Simulation's properties the same as in 1- ?
   or they are other properties required in this case?


4- I had a loon in some .hyp and .Ref files and  i saw that "simulation's models" and Component values (Resitors, capacitors..ect) are listed.
   Where are these informations from ?
     a) Central lib ?   b) Parts ?

   I am asking this because, i am intending to store everything in the database, so the question is:

   Will the flow still work properly, if these values are been load from the Database using Dxdatabook ?