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    Pin numbering on multi slot connectors


      I have a question on multiple slot symbols, particularly connectors.  I've built my symbol for a 10 pin connector, given it a PARTS property of 10 and listed the Pin Number property as (1,2,3.....).  But when I place the symbol on my schematic, the pin numbers are not visible even though that property is set as visible.  First of all, how do I see the Pin Number, and how do I determine the slot to use?


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          If you are placing from DxDataBook there should be a slot list in the toolbar of DxDataBook, if you're using the Symbol View (CL View) then the slots will (should) be assigned in numerical order as you place them from the Place command and you will see the pin numbers assigned; there is no option to select the slot in this case whilst placing the component but you can use the 'slot' command from the command toolbar to change the slot once placed in the sheet.

          If you're using the Expedition flow with a Central Library the slots are defined in the part mapping and the Parts  property does not apply in this case.