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Library automation performance problem

Question asked by volker.hetzer on Jul 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2010 by volker.hetzer


Since Mentor wants to get rid of he hkp files we are trying to access the data we need usng automation, in this case .net.

However, it looks like we are going to be a lot slower using automation instead of the hkp files.

I attach an example of what we'd like to do, namely extracting the parts and mappings from a library.

Reading the file using a scripting language (Tcl/Tk) took a few seconds, but now we need 20min!

Because the library gets dumped a few times a day (into our oracle database, which, in turn feeds

DxDatabook and a lot of other consumers), this is going to cost our librarians real productivity.


Could someone please have a look at this C# solution (.NET 4, VS 2010) in case we do something wrong?


Lots of Greetings!