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Query regarding Calibre 2007.2

Question asked by Raghunandan_KR on Jul 20, 2010
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I am a summer intern here at Mentor Graphics Redmond in the High Speed SSD group. I am currently doing my Masters from University of Texas at Austin.

One of the PhD students in my research group had a query regarding Calibre 2007.2. Could anyone please help me out in this?


"When running Calibre 2007.2 from Cadence IC.5.1.41, there's an option in the Calibre GUI under Inputs -> Netlist to "Export from schematic viewer."  I want to be able to include specific SPICE files when Calibre generates the netlist directly using this option.


It seems like Calibre uses the same settings as Cadence does to generate this netlist.  For example, if I export a Cadence schematic to a .cdl file before running Calibre, Calibre will reuse the same settings (e.g. list of include files).  Is there a variable that I can set in, for example, the .simrc file that will cause Calibre to export from the schematic and include SPICE files?  Also, is there a way I can set the include files in Calibre only so that these don't change the settings for other analog netlisting operations (e.g. in ADE)?  I tried to find these answers in the Calibre documentation, but I couldn't find anything on schematic netlisting."
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