Mentor Sales call me today morning

Discussion created by yu.yanfeng on Jul 21, 2010
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At 9.30, I come to company and receive a mail from Mentor sales and then phone calls from Mentor Sales. Firtst, they invite me to attend SDD Seminar hold on next month, then suggest me report bugs on the supportnet instead of posting here.  I understand Mentor's fear about exposed bugs to public. But  I have to say no. Why ?  I given a reason why I join the community years ago.


Mentor have no need to worry about my posts. In fact,  I try to convince our collegues and managements to move to  Mentor EE full flow to get efficency(We all know that Mentor SDD have widest technology and leading point tools,  only they don't integrated all well). 


Here is the sectional piece of report I wrote to my boss last week:


Mentor Graphis Expeditionpcb Enterprise平台目前在技术上同竞争对手相比占有全面的技术优势,在原理图输入、SI、PI和Analog分析、PCB布局布线以及制造数据验证和设计数据管理等等各个方面具备明显的优势,对提升PCB设计效率和质量具有较大的价值。XXXXX可考虑逐步迁移到Mentor 平台并保留Allegro平台。在企业具体采用新平台实现过程中确实存在多种困难,特别是用户习惯问题等困难。在具体实现上,可考虑采用在统一库基础上在硬件设计侧推进Mentor graphics 全平台,通过一个完整的整合FPGA设计、RF设计、SI和PI、Thermal分析和制造验证平台带来的设计效率和质量的提升的效益来提升企业在单板开发活动中的竞争优势。


Translation in English:


Mentor Graphics's Expeditionpcb Enterprsie Plateform have full advantages than competitor's plateform(I mean Cadence Allegro), In design entry, SI,PI, Spice, Layout P/R and Manufacturing verifcation, and design data mangement all aspects, Mentor's offer  surpass it's competitor, and bring huge values to user. I suggest our comapny consider to migrate to full Mentor plateform whiling keep Allegro plateform. Of course, There are many challenges and risks during corp's migration for a new platform, esepecially on the barrier of Allegro user's habbit etc. My suggestion is  that We first to deploy Mentor tools on hardware based on an unify neutral ECAD libary, We may implement EDA platform covering FPGA design, RF design, SI, Thermal and Dfx verification, to improve our enginering efficency and quanlity, keep us competenances...


I encourage all Allegro user begin to think EE full platform.


Are you happy now ? Mr. Mentor