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Has anyone seen ghost Xtreme handles after a client crash ?

Question asked by Andreas.Schaefer on Jul 26, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2010 by Jerry_Suiter


in last times we see that Xtreme Clients are crashing and the user stays as a handle in the Xtreme session.

Sometimes after some minutes the user dissapears in the session window, sometimes not.

Also the client remains in the session visible with his handle / circle, sometimes not.


There is no clear structure visible, when or why this happens, but onle a restart of the session helps then.


Has anyone also seen such effects when using Xtreme?

I would like to post it at supportnet, but it isn't reproducable at all. So it will be not tracked for a longer period.


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Xtreme Session in EE7.7 on a virtual client

3 or 2 Xtreme clients running

iCDB Netserver on separate hardware running