Did Anyone Run HL 8.1 ADMS Engine sucessfully on Window 7?

Discussion created by yu.yanfeng on Jul 27, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2010 by yu.yanfeng

We have  installed HL 8.1 on Windows 7(64Bit),  Native Hyperlynx engine run well , however ADMS engine  failed whiling extract s-paramter.  We know AMS isn't supported officially on Window 7, but HL 8.1 release notes say HL 8.1 is supported on Windows 7.


All environment variable and temp/tmp path, HYP_HOME path seems OK. Did anyone run HL 8.1 ADMS engine sucessfully on Windows 7 (64 bit)?  Updating a new version of CYGWIN may be helpful?