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Renaming Net Names Dynamically Based on Symbol Pin Names

Question asked by patrick.boswell on Jul 27, 2010
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I have about 10 wires each connected to a symbol.


The symbol has names for the pins.


The wires have the default net names of "NET", each connected to different pins on the symbol.


I am looking to write a script to automate naming of the wires from the default "NET" to grabbing the name of the pin from the symbol,

and using that.


So for instance, I place symbol "FPGA" down on a schematic. I want to have a script that drops nets automatically and edits their names from "NET" to appropriate Net names such as "GPIO_1", "VCC", "GND" based on what the pin is on the symbol.


This would rapidly help me develop schematics that have very high pincounts.


Thank You!


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