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DxDesigner Symbol Reuse

Question asked by Andy_UK_Southcoast on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2010 by Gary_Lameris

Hi All, I'm looking to migrate to DxD from PADS Logic interfacing to PADS layout.  I also have experience of Design Capture in previous employment.


In both PADS Logic and Design capture, there is a concept of symbols and then parts.  In this case a symbol that is re-used many times (resistors etc) can be re-used without being re-drawn.


In DxD there is only concept of symbols which means that for resistors (quite a few), I have to re-draw (or copy) the symbol each time.  There is an additional issue, that if I want to adjust a symbol (i.e. text placement) then I have to do it for each symbol for DxD vs. just once for PADS logic or Design Capture.


Since Mentor are pushing people onto DxD, am I missing something here since the lack of symbol / parts distinction seems a backward step.