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    Need help with a phantom net in PADS Layout




      I am learning to use the PADS design system after 15+ years of working with Protel. I have gotten to the point where I can produce good schematics and PC boards, but now have a question I hope someone can help me with.


      I had a schematic design that had a net tied to Pin 13 of a certain part. I needed to move that net over to Pin 12 - so I editied the schematic to make the change. I generated a netlist and imported it into PADS Layout, where I had a routed PC bpard that had the net under discussion tied to Pin 13 of that part.


      Now, the part shows both Pin 12 and Pin 13 as connected to that net. I can't see a good way to delete the net connection to Pin 13.


      How do I eliminate this wrong connection from the internal netlist? The PCB design is finished except for that error - I suppose i could ignore it, but I don't like ignoring errors...


      Chuck Kuecker

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          David Ricketts

          I have a three part answer.


          1. You should not use import ASCII to change an existing netlist. It only overwrites or adds data.


          2. You can use Layout's ECO mode to add and/or delete connections on the PCB. This is a quick fix in your case.


          3. There are two correct ways to make ECO changes from the schematic to the PCB, and back again.


          The first is through OLE. Select Tools, then PADS Layout. This links the two databases for cross-probing, and also controls an interactive ECO process. The help files should guide you through the steps you need to make.


          The second is my preferred method. Create the netlist as you did, then in Layout, click on Tools, Compare/ECO. This will bring up the Tools for complete control of making updates to the PCB. Again, use the Help tab to learn all of the options on all 3 tabs. I believe it's always advisable to review the changes being made, if only to verify they are indeed the ones you expected to make.

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            Thanks, David. That fixed it,


            I guess I have to get the Protel paradigm completely out of my head.


            Chuck Kuecker