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    Running re-package on a design


      I have a large design that I have 90% placed, but now I have had to go back into DxDesigner to add additional pins to a large FPGA.  Going back into Expedition after the change, I get an error message during Forward Annotation that says "ERROR: .....Pin RST_640: The Schematic symbol pin is not in the PDB".


      I believe I need to run the Packager on this design again in order to get the additional pins and nets into the PDB.  My question is, if I run the Packager on the entire design, will that or how will that affect the placement of components already placed on the board?  Is there a certain setup within Packager that I need to set in before running the program?  I sure don't want to lose any of the placement I already have.




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          In Expeditionpcb's forward annotation, there is an option "annotate schematics reference desinator chages", if you click it on, all your placment and routed traces

          will not losted after eco-annotation even your refs and netnames changed.


          We love Expditionpcb's intelligence annotation.



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            Packager provides several options with how it handles data update from the library, if you use 'Update Local Library Data with newer central library data', then the tool will update the definition of the FPGA without affecting other unchanged parts, you can also control what the packager will do, default is to 'Package Symbols' which will package unpackaged symbols and leave the rest alone, other options are 'Repackage All' which will (potentially) change existing references.  'Package Symbols' with 'Update Local Library Data with newer central library data' should do what you want.

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