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Running re-package on a design

Question asked by ronald.oneal on Aug 4, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by robert_davies

I have a large design that I have 90% placed, but now I have had to go back into DxDesigner to add additional pins to a large FPGA.  Going back into Expedition after the change, I get an error message during Forward Annotation that says "ERROR: .....Pin RST_640: The Schematic symbol pin is not in the PDB".


I believe I need to run the Packager on this design again in order to get the additional pins and nets into the PDB.  My question is, if I run the Packager on the entire design, will that or how will that affect the placement of components already placed on the board?  Is there a certain setup within Packager that I need to set in before running the program?  I sure don't want to lose any of the placement I already have.