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Can I add any keyins in Expedition 2005?

Question asked by liverpooool on Aug 7, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2011 by eng.same.tan

Hi friends,


I don't like the current keyins command in Expedition PCB 2005, and I'm wondering could I add any accelerators or modify some ones to replace current ones?


Such as if I want to change to layer 5 in route mode, I can type cl 5 in the command window, but it's not so convenient, especially the keyins are always involved a space key in the command, if I could change it to l5, it will become quicker


And I want to add some shortcuts for other command, such as highlight the entire net. At present this command can be applied with click on the window in Display control, if I could input hen to achieve, that could be better


So, could you tell me can we change or add any keyins in Expedition PCB 2005?  Or we can make it by some scripts?


Any feedback are appreciated