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    DX Designer Rollback/Backup Function


      Does ANYONE know how the DX Designer Rollback/Backup Function works?  Where are the settings?  Like when does it automatically backup?  The obvious question is to do a File/Backup.  But I'm looking for where and when does it do it on it's own?  Where are the Rollback files stored?


      Sorry, there's a bunch of questions here, but once you've been burned, you begin to question why this tool works the way it does.


      The Auto Backup Utility is something totally different.  Which doesn't function like implied, but that a whole other problem.

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          Rollback/Backup is a sheet based mechanism to allow you to step back to a known state of the sheet. Why is it sheet based? To support concurrent usage where more than one designer is in DxD. You would not want user B to be able to undo what user A is doing. It is triggered only on the Backup command from within DxDesigner and the data is stored in the internal database (icdb.dat file). You may configure DxDesigner to automatically create a 'backup' on sheet opening from the Advanced settings dialog (Create automatic backup option), but it does have a slight performance hit if you do this. The backups are persistant until deleted using the Clear backups command.

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            I see your point, but there are still things missing.  What triggers a Rollback point.  Sometimes when I open a sheet a see that the tool is doing a backup and sometimes not.  I've even moved things and then opened another sheet and no backup was created.  I'm trying to find how this thing really works and NO one actually knows.  I need to be able to consitantly create an example and understand it.  I'd then like to figue out where they are stored.


            But just opening a sheet does not create a rollback.

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              So you are mixing up two separate processes both of which have similar names. What you see reported in the output window is the Autobackup process not the Backup/Rollback process. Confusing, yes unfortunately, but autobackup takes a copy of the database and project file at timed intervals, configured via the System Tools - Autobackup utility. Although it is set for timed intervals, it may not create a backup when you expect it to, it depends on what activity has taken place on the database. DxDesigner, CES and Expedition will perform an autobackup and they broadcast the message via the database server. DxDesigner will report any autobackup that is triggered by any of the applications.

              Backup/Rollback is manually performed from File - Rollback unless you set it for sheet opening.

              Each mechanism reports a different message in the output window, Autobackup has messages like:


              ICDB server [info]: Starting autobackup process to  location [C:\temp\MyTest\host\AutoBackup\1281350764]


              Backup/Rollback has messages:


              Autobackup are stored in the autobackup folder of the project, Sheet backups are stored internally in the database.


              I will try and provide further information about timings/triggers for the autobackup to this discussion.


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                I'm not getting the two mixed up.  The Rollback/Backup does not consistantly work when opening up a sheet. I have the box selected and sometimes it creates a backup and sometimes it doesn't.  It however does work when a manual File/Backup is picked after something has been changed.  Otherwise the function is grayed out until something is different.


                Here is an example of something that caused me to look into this functionality or lack of.  I changed a Symbol in Library Manager.  I now open my Schematic and this Symbol is used on 10 different sheets.  I open the first sheet and let's say it did a Backup and created a Rollback point.  This is only on sheet 1.  I now go and do a Symbol Update.  This Symbol Update is going to work across the 10 sheets where this Symbol is located on.  There is a known BUG in the Symbol Update function where it creates an electical mess.  It dis-connects connections and re-connects things that shouldn't be connected.  So at this point UNDO does not work.  Rollback does not work, because I relied on the one that was just created.  The one that was just created was just on the sheet I opened and none were created on any other sheet.  To make matters worse is that when I exit the tool and Auto Backup was created.  In a nutshell this function is hard to understand.



                Auto Backup Utilty is different and I know how this works.  And, by the way that is broken too.

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                  For sheet backup to work in this scenario you must use backup for each sheet in the design prior to doing the Symbol Update. Alternatively you can select the symbols on each sheet separately and use the update symbols from the context menu on the right mouse. This will only update those on the sheets and not through the whole design.

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                    OK.  Now that I understand this a little better, I can honestly say this function is broken as well.  But, Mentor will not fix it.  I have the hardest time convincing them there is a problem.

                    But knowing what it does or does not do I can live with that.


                    Thanks for helping.

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                      A couple of updates. Firstly, if you have set DxDesigner to create sheet backups automatically (Setup - Settings - Advanced) and you are not getting sheet backups each time you open a sheet, then this is a bug. I cannot reproduce this with EE7.9 or EE7.9.1. If you can confirm it isn't working in your configuration then log an SR with customer support.


                      Mentor will fix issues where we agree that they are bugs or that the functionality is inadequate, to simply state something is broken and state we will not fix it is disingenuous.


                      As an update to the Autobackup functionality, this is the behaviour: Autobackup is triggered on exit of DxDesigner or Expedition, or where an application closes a project. The 'closing' event then triggers the application to check the timestamp of the last Autobackup, if the last autobackup is older than the defined 'Time between backups' set in the Auto Backup Utility (System Tools - Auto Backup Utility) then a new autobackup is created in the autobackup folder. If the number of autobackups is greater than the 'Number of backups before overwrite' then the oldest is deleted. By default the interval is set to every 4 hours, and the number to keep is set to 3.

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                        Is the DX Designer Rollback/Backup functionality represented in Automation? I have looked through the DxDesigner Automation Reference and failed to find this. When opening multiple sheets of the schematic, I would like to check the individual sheet if it has any backups, and to clear them if exist. I would like to automate this process.


                        Regards, Oleg

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                          This functionality is not available via automation. We have plans to include an option in DxDesigner for a command to clear all backups but we don't have a release candidate yet.