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    PADs 9.0.2 vs 9.1


      We just switched from PADS logic/layout version 2007.4 to version 9.0.2.

      As I was reviewing the 9.1 release notes, I found several problems fixed that appear to be very critical, does that mean that I have to struggle with all the fixes if we don’t upgrade to Version 9.1?  Is logic/layout version 9.0.2 suitable for production PCB design?

      Thank you.

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          I upgraded from 9.0.2 to 9.1 and saw only improvements.  You really need to test your concern points and see what you think.


          Just watch out that there are path definitions in powerpcb.ini and powerlogic.ini; if you copy your config over like I did these will point to the wrong tool.


          John D