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    Can I Re-Order the Columns in the Parts Lister?

      In Dx designer there is a facility to export “ parts lister”. I would like the Device number to be the first column, I can switch off the others but cannot enter them in the order I want.

      I have played with the ipl file but it always puts QTY REFDES at the beginning. How do I produce a BOM the way I want it ? without the software trying to be clever.

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          In the current version this is not configurable. We are currently reworking the Part Lister for a future release where all of the columns will be customisable by the users. I'm not in a position to state which release this is scheduled for at the moment.


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            Hi Rob


            Thank you for your prompt answer.  It's a pity this is not possible at this time, it will be nice to have this flexibility in the Parts Lister in the future..




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              Hi Robert,


              I need to export data from Dx and import it into a company database but the biggest issue is I can't customize it close enough to fit my needs. I need the ability to put my schematic name in the first column  than add some blank custom columns to match my company database than I need a column with the schematic part numbers than few more custom fields and the last field has to be the "refdes" column with the ability to expand them. At the moment I'm trying to customize a program that was sent to me called "icdbTObom.efm and if I knew how to modify the script to fit my needs I would add this to the tools customize menu on everyone's computers and simplify the data extraction process to one click with no data massaging. Are most companies using this tool and than creating their own custom scripts to put the data in a format that fits their needs or are they just creating scripts manually?


              I'm really looking forward to checking out this new part lister.


              Best regards,




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                We had the same issue, needing to export our Dx BOM's into our ERP system to geterate the BOM and was able to do this with automation scripts.  I can probably help you out if you need something right away.


                Let me know,


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                  Hi Neel,


                  Thanks for the offer can I send you a sample of the type of text file I need to create from the Parts Lister? You can take a look at it and see if it's something that you can create quickly or if it would take a while to create. If it's going to take a while I'll just wait until the new Part Lister comes out and hope for the best.





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                    There is another utility,  iCDB2BOM that may help you generate the part list as you require them. It can be driven from the command line in the DxD flow . It may be that the .efm file you were sent calls this utility. The utility is controlled by the cdb2bom.asc file, it is fairly easy to customise this file and include any property you require. The configuration file is ASCII with a reasonable description of the fields and how they work, I cannot say for certain if it will create the part list exactly as you require but it is worth experimenting with it. The utility was originally developed for the Design Capture flow so you may need to search on-line for the Design Capture help files for a better explanation of the utility and how to configure it.

                    To run this from command line use the following:

                    icdb2bom -icdb=.\database -snap=DXD -file='BOM Report.txt' -cfg=.\'your configuration file.asc' -project=.\'your project name.prj'


                    BTW the revamped Part Lister is meant to provide a superset of both the native DxDesigner Part Lister reports and those provided by iCDB2BOM.