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    hyperlynx 8.0 (newbie question)


      Hi, all


      I have some questions about how to forward annotating and laying ou the design.


      I will attach the PDF file, so that one can understand questions.


      PDF file page 29, #3.

      It asks to open the window and copy the following directory;


      ${SDD_HOME}\standard\template\pcb\Central_Library\Templates  (--> I do not have a directory path in the red color)


      ${SDD_HOME}\standard\templates\hypelynx analog\Central Library\HLASym_CentralLibrary\Templates.



      PDF file page 29, #4. (Invoke Expedition PCB with Menu: Tools>Expedition PCB. The DxDesigner to Expedition PCB dialog box appears.)


      The problem that I have is the PCB dialog box does not appear. It won't let me select it. Therefore, I cannot move forward.


      Please let me know how to fix these errors or any inputs.