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Dxdesigner hyperlynx analog (newbie question)

Question asked by Nigon on Aug 13, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2010 by Gary_Lameris

Hi, everyone


I am trying to do a hyperlynx analog simulation.


So far, this is what I figured out.


I built a circuit that has multiple component (for example, OPA2690 from Texas instrument)


In order to simulate, I need to have a model for this OPA2690. I downloaded this model in txt file version from the texas instrument.


I guess my question is, how to do a hyperlynx analog simulation ?


Can anyone tell me how to do a simulation in detail ? I mean, how to use the model to create a simulation and such.


Or if anyone knows good or useful resoures, can you please point at me because I am a bit confused. (I guess whole procedures and instructions are what I am looking for)


I thought I understand it, but I think I completely misunderstood it. I thought once build a circuit and do a simulation, that take cares of everything. However, there are ways more to it than that.


It is not like a pspice where you set up the circuit and simulate. Anyway, please let me know if anyone knows.


Thanks in advance.