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    Dxdesigner 9.1




      some odd reasons my properties windows(menu) disappeared and I was trying to figure out and bring it back, but I was not successful doing it.


      Can anyone tell me how to make properties windows(menu) appear ? I think what happend was I was using 20inch monitor and changed to 25inch monitor and the properties window was gone.


      Please let me know how to fix this.


      Thanks in advance.

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          You might want to try and turn off properties in view menu and turn back on.  Doing this might reset the location of properties dialogue.

          This problem sounds similar to an issue I had a couple of years ago where I was using a dual monitor system at one location and a single monitor at another for the same project.

          On the dual monitor system I had dragged dialogues such as properties over to second monitor.  The design appears to have remembered this, so when I opened design using a single monitor system all the dialogues that I had dragged over to second monitor would not appear because it (design) thought there was still a second monitor.


          This might not be close to answering your issue but you should have the capability with your graphics card to reset everying so it appears on the main display.






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            thanks for the input.


            unfortunately, I tried every possible things that I could think of. At the end, I switched back to 20inch monitor, and took care of this problem and then switched back to 25inch monitor.


            it was old school way to fix the problem, but I would really like to know how to solve the problem without doing this.


            anyway, bottom line is my problem is solved. thanks.

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              Exit DxDesigner and all its associated tools.  Try renaming the DxDesigner.wsp file found in the your first local WDIR entry.  This file is where the windows size and location information is saved for DxDesigner and its tools.  Restart DxDesigner and all the windows will be reset to their default locations.  

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                The general solution for an off-screen window (Windows XP):


                (a) Do whatever is necessary for the window to have focus e.g. select it on the task bar (if visible there) or invoke the command to open the window.

                (b) Press Atl-Spacebar

                (c) Press M (for move)

                (d) Press one of the keyboard arrow keys

                (e) Now move the mouse - the window is attached to the mouse cursor


                If you try the above process on a window already on-screen you can see what is going on.




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                  Set your flow to PADS > Design Entry > DxDesigner


                  I searched for "reset window location".


                  Result 2 was TechNote MG26162,  dated 7/24/09 which explains how to reset the window position for various versions of DxDesigner.  The version you are using is a later update of DxDesigner 2007 so follow those instructions, which is to delete DxDesigner.wsp


                  We would appreciate it if you avoided cross posting, but I will ask that the Technote be enhanced with the new version numbers of DxDesign.


                  Gary Lameris