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    properties window (menu) is out of monitor




      The properties window (menu) is out of monitor. Does anyone know how to fix this problem ?


      What happened was I was using 20inch monitor and switched to 25inch monitor. After I switched the monitor, I was not able to see the property window (menu).


      My guess is that the properties windows is out of new monitor's range or something.


      Is there a way to do the default setting or somthing similar in regard ?


      Please let me know. I am running out of ideas.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Exit DxDesigner, and delete (make a copy of DxDesigner.wsp) found in your local wdir directory.  This will create a new DxDesigenr.wsp and reset the window positions to the default locations.


          Gary Lameris

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            The general solution for an off-screen window (Windows XP):


            (a) Do whatever is necessary for the window to have focus e.g. select it on the task bar (if visible there) or invoke the command to open the window.

            (b) Press Atl-Spacebar

            (c) Press M (for move)

            (d) Press one of the keyboard arrow keys

            (e) Now move the mouse - the window is attached to the mouse cursor


            If you try the above process on a window already on-screen you can see what is going on.




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              Set your flow to PADS > Design Entry > DxDesigner


              I searched for "reset window location".


              Result 2 was TechNote MG26162,  dated 7/24/09 which explains how to reset the window position for various versions of DxDesigner.  The version you are using is a later update of DxDesigner 2007 so follow those instructions, which is to delete DxDesigner.wsp


              We would appreciate it if you avoided cross posting, but I will ask that the Technote be enhanced with the new version numbers of DxDesign.


              Gary Lameris