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    Board Station Community?


      Where is the Board Station Community or is Board Station ignored as a "mature" product?

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          If you find it let us know. Still looking.....



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            Yeh, I can't find it either.


            Any Mentor folk out there? Where are we supposed to be posting our Boardstation messages.





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              While there are differences between Board Station and Expedition Enterprise the boundaries between the flows are getting more soft, especially with so many technologies and tools in common, such as Board Station XE, DMS and the analysis tools.

              The number of customers starting to migrate from Board Station to EE is growing continuously.


              Why not utilizing the more generic categories under Expedition Enterprise:


              Layout and Routing

              Manufacturing Preparation

              Library and Data Management


              In addition there are other subcommunities to leverage, including

              - Flow Migration and

              - PCB DFM Verification


              to name a few.


              This would get you started very quickly.