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    Plotting issues


      Anyone run into this problem?  The right side of our plots are coming out with some of the plot missing.   I've attached a picture of the plot preview.   If we export to a PDF, we can print the entire sheet!

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          For printing sheets from DxDesigner, I've always recommend to our users that they first create a PDF file and then print the PDF file.  This seems to always work.



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            Well, personally I think if you make a PDF, there is no reason to plot it anyway, unless you need something to mark up.


            But, I've been task to get this working, just wondering if anyone else has run into it, or if it's a bug with the way out plotters are setup.  Smaller plots are fine, but anytime we try any of our plotters at size D, we get this problem.

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              I've never been impressed with the native DxDesigner print and plot routines.  That's why we've always recommended PDF.


              Our schematic sheets are "D" size.  They're pretty easy to read when you print them on a B size sheet.  Why would you want an actual "D" size sheet.  IMHO, it's a waste of paper.



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                We have someone that insist on plotting everything.


                As to why "D", our symbols are a touch on the small side.  Saying that, I been at places that could print a "D" on an "A" and still be readable, very LARGE symbols at that location!  

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                  This will require a Support Request and test project for analysis to determine the cause and possible solution.  


                  Gary Lameris

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                    We are currently struggling with this same issue currently.  Printing from DxDesigner on D-size or larger results in random lines missing on the right side of the plot.  Software that costs this much, that is made for drawings, should be able to plot the drawings.  This is unnaceptable!

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                      Thank you for posting


                      What version and update of DxDesigner is being used?

                      What OS is being used?

                      What type of printer and print drivers are specified?


                      Has a testcase and output been submitted to support for analysis?   Entering a support case at http://supportnet.mentor.com/ is the best way to log and track an issue such as this.



                      Gary Lameris

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                        Hi Gary,

                        Thanks for responding.


                        The software I am using is DxDesigner 9.2 Update 1.


                        The OS is Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2.


                        The Printers/Plotters we're using are

                        1. Xerox 6279 Wide Format, Driver: Xerox 6279 PS 4 Roll Wide Format with FreeFlow Accxes

                        2. HP DesignJet 800, Driver: HP DesignJet 800PS 42


                        This issue only occurs when printing/plotting ANSI D or larger.


                        This issue is also present when printing to .pdf using pdfcreator.  I have attached a copy of a schematic plotted to pdfcreator so you can see the issue.  To the right of zone 2 in the drawing you can see some of the information is missing.


                        Using dxpdf creates a .pdf that is free of errors.


                        I appreciate the assistance.  I will work on opening a SupportNet case.



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                          Was a solution ever found for this?  I have the exact same problem in PADS 9.3 using Adobe PDF printer.

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                            This was a known defect and was fixed in PADS 9.4, IND 7.9.5 & EE 7.9.5.