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Dx attribute visibility when placing components

Question asked by aaron.palomar on Aug 23, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2010 by aaron.palomar

I am a bit stumped by this one.

Currently we are in the middle of migrating from DC to DX.  We do not have databook database completed so we are pointing databook directly to library for the time being.

One of my counterparts in a different location is getting different results when placing schematic symbols.


Currently at my location when I place a part such as a resistor, property attributes are displayed correctly.

Part number NOT shown, Ref Des IS shown, Value IS shown.


My counterpart in other location is using a copied library where when he places a part

Every property attribute IS shown.


I thought I was pretty savy with DX but cannot as of yet figure out:

1. Why settings are different

2. How to match setting so we get consistant results.


Is there a config file that can be manipulated or even copied?