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    Uninstalling MGC Visual Studio 7


      Would like to know how I can modify the Register File by using the Regedit command to allow me to uninstall the MGC Visual Studio 7.

      I remembered seeing it on here but could not find the link.


      Thanks in advance



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          I have recorded two possible methods, probably derived from the same source you mentioned. They are (with comments by me in italic):


          To remove MGC Visual Studio 7 Runtime, change the "NoRemove" value at

          (I think this is meant to make it appear in the Add/Remove Programs list.)


          If that does not work, right-click on "C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations\{6D637A24-E946-4880-BE54-D1BDE06A709B}\MGC Visual Studio 7 Runtime.msi" and select uninstall.

          (This is the one that has worked for me.)

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            Hi Dale,

            Thanks for your reply.

            Yes, the first method is the one I am looking for, I had tried that once when I encountered file corruption issues.

            I even kept the link on my favorites list, but recently when I click on the link it did not show the method.

            Once again thanks for your great help.



            Hans Ko