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    LVS rule-set


      Hi all,
           What is basic LVS rule-set to be defined to find the short of labels/pins.
      Eg: On a Metal3 geometry there two different Metal3 label are present named as "A" and "B".
      The LVS ruledeck will report this as an error and also generates the *.shorts file.
      I want to report in the same way,so please help me to write basic LVS rule-set only to find short(s).


      Govind Kulkarni   
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          Hi Govind,


          Do you already have a full LVS rulefile to start from?


          If you do, then you could remove all the DEVICE statements (except one... any one) and leave all the CONNECT and SCONNECT statements in. You would also leave the text related statements in so the nets would be named, which leads to shorts being detected.


          If you're starting from scratch then you will need to have CONNECT statements for all the layers that you want to recognize as forming connectivity and you will also need one DEVICE statement to trigger the use of connectivity.


          TEXT LAYER and ATTACH statements will be needed for the net names.


          As long as you also have the few statements pointing to the the layout database you're using, and what format it is (such as GDS) and the name of the top cell, and the name of an LVS report file, and the statement for LVS ISOLATE SHORTS YES you should be good to go.


          If I've missed something, the error message you get when you try to run it will probably tell you exactly what statement if any needs to be added.


          Note, you won't need to run an LVS job, you would only need to run a connectivity extraction job. Here's a command line example assuming your rulefile is named rules.shorts:


          % calibre -spice short.spi rules.shorts > log

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