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    Net Bridge in Logic?


      Pads 9.1 added the ability to bridge nets in Layout - which is a nice feature.  It is not clear to me whether there is any support for this in Logic.  I would prefer to drive a Net Bridge from the schematic as it is important that the schematic govern the PCB layout.  I know I can do this by putting a documentation note on the schematic, but a native handler is desired, especially one that works with design rule checks.


      Is there a native feature in Logic for Net Bridging that I am missing?  How does Logic handle a Net Bridge once it is created in Layout?

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          Logic is not set up to support the Net Bridge.  This is a Layout feature only.  Some consider this a feature, others a bug.  This is in three topics on the Bright Ideas site so please add your vote for it there (D2791, D1916, and D1666).