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    Need Help with VeSys 2.0 Symbol


      I am in the process of creating a symbol library using VeSys 2.0 Symbol. I have run into the following issues and was hoping that someone here may be able to help.


      1. The "snap to object" feature does not work, see example 1 in the attached pdf.  It appears to work but zoom in and you can see that it is off a little.
      2. Text alignment changes from Symbol to Design.  Create a symbol in VeSys 2.0 Symbol and then instance it in Design and the text alignment changes.  Refer to example 2 in the attached pdf, Symbol is on the right and Design is on the left.
      3. I can not find a way to correlate the scaling in Symbol to the scaling in Design.  Refer to example 3, text height in Symbol is .7198, bring that symbol into Design and the text changes to .09.
      4. Copy and pasting an object in Symbol sometimes looses part of the pasted object's line art selectability (not sure that is a word).  Hard to explain, please refer to example 4a and 4b.  In 4b, the two lower arcs of the upper graphic are not able to be selected.


      Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi Mike,


          Overall I would suggest that you create an SR on SupportNet, someone from our customer services division (CSD) should be able to clarify these issues pretty quickly.


          1- with the "snap to object" are you getting the feedback on the cursor that highlights the snap (see image ScreenClip.png attached)


          2- can you confirm that you are using VeSys 2.0 v2010.1, I think you will find the latest version to be correct


          3- the height in VeSys 2.0 Design is shown as "INCH" whereas in VeSys 2.0 Symbol you created the text with a height of 0.79 "PIN GRID".  When you create diagrams in VeSys 2.0 Design you can set the size of the Pin Grid (unit and size INCH, MM)


          4- I am not sure what the problem here is...  I am hoping CSD would be able to assist and if needed this will get raised to the developers.




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            3- this is done from File-->Project Preferences-->Wiring-->Diagram (which is used during the creation of new diagrams).



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              Hello Nuri, thanks for the reply.


              1. Yes, I get the feedback on the cursor that highlights the snap.


              2. We are not currently using VeSys 2.0 v2010.1, but will be shortly.


              3. We have adjusted the pin grid in Design to .125 inch and are using a text height of .07 inch.  Can I make the same setting in Symbol?



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                The electrical symbols are defined with a pin grid, when you create your schematic you can specify what one grid is (5mm or 0.2inch), let me know how you get on with 2010.1.