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How do all the PADS ES Suite programs fit together ?

Question asked by lee.smith on Sep 21, 2010
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My names Lee Smith and I have just started a new role as an Electronics Design Engineer, and I am seeking advice on the PADS ES Suite.


We currently have licenses for the PADS ES Suite, but at present we only use PADS Logic, PADS Layout and PADS Router for our designs. Any analog circuit simualtion is conducted using other simpler packages which means re-drawing the circuits and choosing nearest models. The main reason for this is due to time constraints and a lack of knowledge of the PADS simulation software.


I would really appreciate advice or links to where I can find information on where each of the PADS software tools fits into the design process, and ideally which software is required to perform analog simulations. Ideally I would like to, if possible, have the ability to simulate schematic blocks which are already designed in PADS Logic, there by incorporating all of the design steps into the one software enviroment.


If anyone can help, or offer advice on this it would be much appreciated.




Lee Smith