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Difference between DX Designer & PADS Logic

Question asked by lee.smith on Sep 22, 2010
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My names Lee Smith and I have just started a new role as an Electronics Design Engineer, and I am seeking advice on the PADS ES Suite.


We currently have licenses for the PADS ES Suite, but at present we only use PADS Logic, PADS Layout and PADS Router for our designs and would like to look at using the simulation side of the PADS suite which we purchased


From what I can initially gather DX Designer appears to be able to do all the same things that PADS Logic can do, with the addition of incorporating some extra tools such as a component data-base and setting up for the simulation. If anyone has quick answers to the below questions to point me in the correct direction it would be much appreciated ?


1) Why are there two packages namely PADS Logic and DX Designer within the same suite when they appear to do much of the same thing ? What is the difference ?. Is the reason historical ?.


2) Can schematics from within PADS Logic be directly opened in DX Desiger ?. If not is there a simple conversion package available ?.


3) Am I correct in assuming you can only build simulateable circuits from within DX Designer ?.


4) How do all the PADS packages link together ?. I have previously seen a flow chart showing this in the help menu when I had an evaluation version for briefly looking into, but after upgrading to the latest official version I can no longer find this


Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer sound advice on the above