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    Wire not printing as correct type


      I have a wire, that we define as a busbar and it should be a double line.  It is showing correctly in the model, but when I go to the tab and view it as a single schematic, the wire shows as a single line.  Also, when I publish or plot from the tabed view, it prints as a single line.  Any ideas how to fix this?  I would appreciate any suggestions.  This is only happening on one tab, not all. 



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          It is probably due to the linetypes not being displayed in one of the paper space views, the linetypes are AutoCAD functionality rather than a VeSys specific function and so I would suggest you look on forums like the one below:




          I'm sorry I don't have a better answer but I've never used the paper space views, I prefer to create different "Page Setups" to enable printing of individual sheets.  The other reason for this is that the drawings can be printed using a batch plotter without even opening the drawings.

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            Hi Joel,


            Thank you for your suggestion, I really appreciate it.  I am pretty new to this software so I have a few more questions based on your answer.  When you say "Page Setups" are you referring to being able to see, let's say, 10 different pages in the model, then being able to open layout 1, 2, 3, etc from a tab (kind of like microsoft excel tabs)?  I have been trying to print all of the drawings in one batch, but I had been unable to from the VeSys menu, so I have been using the AutoCad publish option.  How do you do the batch plot from VeSys?  If I can figure that out, it will also solve my probelm.


            Thanks for any help/suggestions.



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              The excel style tabs you are referring to are the layout/paper space tabs, these are different to the "Page Setups" that I use.  If you go to the File -> Plot you have the option to save a "Page Setup", this stores all of the information you need to plot the page such as:


              • the area you are plotting
              • the plotter
              • the plot style
              • etc, etc.


              I've just looked online and found that you can use the "Publish" command, its not on the VeSys toolbar so you can type "Publish".  Once you have the publish window open you should then remove reference to the "Layout Sheets", if you click on the existing "Model" setup you can copy it repeatedly.  In the example below I copied it 3 times and then selected the "Page Setup" from the drop down.  You can then save this list for future use.