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    Vesys 2 Symbol - Connectors




      I am trying to draw connectors like I did in Classic for use in Vesys 2 Harness drawings; but I seem unable to get very far:


      1)  I can draw a circle for a connector outline and then draw a rectangle for the 'slot/key cut out' but can not 'trim' the now unwanted cross over lines to define the shape properly.

      2)  When I draw another circular connector I can not 'fill' in the terminals, nor can I rotate the rectangles I have drawn for the 'locating pips' so they are showned correctly angled against the connector.


      Can anyone with more experience in drawing in Vesys 2 Symbol please advise.




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          Hi Ian,


          It is possible to develop detailed connector symbols in VeSys Symbol, but there are some limitations to the graphic drawing tools.  The User Guide (InfoHub) does a pretty good job of explaining the tool capabilities.


          Importing (and editing) a DXF version of the connector works very well provided you can obtain it from the manufacturer or create one.



          -James W

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            Hi James,


            Thank you for your reply.

            However my situation is still unresolved.


            1) Infohub will show me how to draw basic shapes such as 'draw a line' or 'draw a polygon' etc. At this point it seems unable to help me with combining these drawings and modifying them to create more complicated shapes such as detailed connector views. As I have said in the pass: basic CAD functions seem to be missing from Vesys 2. 


            2) How do I create DXF drawings without using a CAD package such as Autocad? My bosses here are very pleased with the idea that we do not need to buy Autocad licences now we have ungraded to Vesys 2. They would not be keen on the idea that I need an expensive Catia licence to draw symbols for Vesys 2 use. Do I need to source another possibly cheeper 'lower end' CAD package - if so what are the implications of using such a CAD package commercially.


            3) I can not always get DXF format supplier drawings. Often, as with AMP connector DXF graphics and certain connector datasheets, the views are 'mating side' and not 'rear view' so some adjustment is required. Also, It is not unusual to have to extensively re-draw a connector view and update a drawing once a connector has been purchased and received because the available data prior to receiving the component is insufficient.



                          Ian :-)

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              Hi Ian,


              You have defined some of the challenges associated with building high quality connector symbols.  I have found that the drawing tools in VeSys Symbol typically provide adequate editing capabilities after importing a DXF view of the connector (i.e. image "flip" and line / text editing for "rear view").


              The key is locating or creating an acceptable DXF view of the connector.  Access to MCAD tools is one option.  Raster to vector graphics conversion (vectorization) is another option if the supplier doesn't offer a DXF.  Adobe Illustrator works well for this purpose.  Yes, there is a cost associated with this, but it provides a means to efficiently develop highly detailed connector symbols. 


              I hope this helps.



              -James W.

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                Hi James,


                Thank you for your reply.


                With Vesys Classic it was a simple matter to draw a basic connector shape from a Manufacturer's datasheet. Buying from stockists such as RS Components; access to a datasheet is often readily available. With basic CAD functionality a simple but very accurate connector could be drawn.


                The point is; to create a connector in DXF format will I not need some sort of CAD package/functionality ?


                I am creating a Vesys 2 database from zero and adding connectors as I go. Is it therefore now a case that I can not draw my own connectors and am at the hands of the connector Manufacturers to furnish me with DXF drawings every time I add a new connector to the database. One manufacturer can have several connector ranges as well as several connector sizes.




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                  Hello Ian,


                  I'ts worth remembering two things that can greatly help in creating/editing your connector symbols in VeSys 2.0:


                  Snap to Object:

                  You can toggle snapping to objects by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + T or from under Layout > Grid > Snap to Object


                  Setting the drawing grid:

                  By changing the drawing grid you can set how precise you want the drawing grid intervals to be.  Layout > Grid > Set Grid Defaults > Drawing Grid %


                  E.g. settings this value to 50 will mean you can draw and snap half-way between a minor grid interval on the drawing.  Settings this value to 10 would mean you can draw to one-tenth of a minor grid interval.


                  Alternatively for complex symbols that require advanced drawing commands you could take a look at this Free DWG Editor.


                  I also noticed you posted an IDEA on the same subject - I agree, I think VeSys could benefit from some of these commands.  For others reading this thread please promote the idea here.




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                    Hi Mike,


                    Thank you for your reply.


                    I had noticed that changing the grid and snapping helps with connecting drawn lines together; and I will now be able to use ctrl+shift+T.

                    I think for 'comment' symbols the ability to remove the grid and create un-intelligent symbols such as connector views in a 'free hand' sort of environment using basic CAD commands would be an ideal solution.


                    Being here at point zero; Do you know if it is possible to buy Vesys 2 databases and Vesy 2/dxf connector view drawing libraries ?



                                  Ian  :-)

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                      Hi Ian,


                      We used to build libraries for VeSys Classic and so logically we looked at doing this for VeSys 2.0, unfortunately it has proved to be tricky to import the data that we had generated (Component data and not the dxf's).