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Embedded Components

Question asked by ramon.medina on Oct 6, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2010 by Mentor_Per_Viklund
We are working on some embedded components , we are using the Optimizer tool
in Expedition 2005.
Something is wrong , for a 1.5pF capacitor the calculated area
is too big (78660.4 square mils for a interdigitated capacitor). For the material we are using BC12TM the
capacitance density is 6 pF/mm2, so the calculated area will be about 400
square mils to get 1.5 pF.

Anything we missed to do? How do we set a correct  layer stackup?
Which are the real and correct sizes for the different forms of capacitors:Interdigitated, Mezzanine, Printed.
Would you explain the process we need to follow to get correct results?
Attached are some pictures with the data we are working.



Thanks in Advance.